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Dream Me Something Beautiful [Jun. 26th, 2005|09:23 pm]



Background Color:
Image URL (optional, but helpful): http://aethereality.net/graphics/download/1024.php?id=126 or http://ivy.summer-skies.net/wallpapers/Others/1024-004.jpg
Border color: green
Font color: green
Font: vivaldi
AIM screen name or e-mail: dyingamethyst
Other: I would like my comment links to say... (Number) are hanging by a thread. | Love is spiders on the edge.
Put overrides in for you or post them in a new entry?: Put them in for me.
Who do you want to make it? Yummycherries

I will need the text box to be centred and hopefully not covering too much of the backround.
If you have any questions just message me.